Harmless Wordz

Harmless wordz (explicit language) How is it that we arrived here….. was our path preordained, or is this a valiant attempt to maintain….. appearances that is…. because THEY don’t know what goes on behind closed doors, we give each other the biz, altercations and verbal wars, not the kind that lead to intimacy, but more … Continue reading Harmless Wordz

Khaos Theory (Day 347)

*Khaos Theory*When one says “do not judge me,” the request that they are making to the intended receiver is an impossible feat…… for it is impossible for a human to thrive without judgment…. The way we live our lives, is based upon decisions we make, and our decisions are made based upon judgments that we … Continue reading Khaos Theory (Day 347)

The Open, Open House

That moment when………… we’re at an open house and the realtor is giving us general information about the house and mentions that the owners have “two dogs” and that the carpet may have to be changed by the buyer…….So…………I begin to explore the house and walk into a back family room and 😳there stood the … Continue reading The Open, Open House

I Can See You.

Hey you, you over there….. with your style that is your own, and your sophisticated hair, and you’re standing all alone, for the world how’d you prepare, to claim a place upon the throne, like it’s only rightful heir………….. and your dripping with a malodorous independence, that usually repels men of my caliber, because those … Continue reading I Can See You.