Khaotic Erotika (part 1)

 ⭐️Khaotic Erotika (Part 1) ⭐️(Adult content) SHE awoke after a long restful nap and was parched…….. she stood from the bed, and suddenly became aware of how naked she was. She wore a lace nighty but it was open, exposing areas of her breast and abdomen……. She rubbed over these areas with her right hand … Continue reading Khaotic Erotika (part 1)

The Path

People always applaud you when you accomplish a feat…… is the act a societal norm, like a “bless you” to a sneeze, or is it because they know that you have faced defeat on your path in varying degrees….. Are they applauding the reward or the path, I’d like to think the latter, cause on … Continue reading The Path

Before the Storm

Remain calm. That’s what we are advised in the event of an emergency, but see, the feelings inside are the exact opposite, more frenzy than my friends see, fake it until you’re made, anxiety explodes inside like a grenade, heart beats like a broken pendulum swings, butterflies flutter inside as I contract on the wings, … Continue reading Before the Storm

Khaos Theory (Day 350)

Khaos Theory (Day 350)One should never describe someone else’s job or task as an “easy job” or an “easy task.” This is a personal opinion and may vary according to one’s individual experience. It also minimizes the steps taken in completing that job or task. What may appear to be easy today, could be difficult … Continue reading Khaos Theory (Day 350)

Hell’s Chicken

So………… I realize that you can’t say the first thing that comes to mind at times…… someone may take what you say literally….Rewind to last Wednesday: So, J and try this new place called Mikes Nashville Hot at Austin Landings. I ordered the medium chicken that the cashier suggested and the food was pretty good. … Continue reading Hell’s Chicken

Khaos Theory (Day 349)

Khaos Theory (Day 349)Conversations:  Nurse-🙂 “Do you participate in leisure activities?” Patient-🤔 “Leisure activities????” Nurse-🙂”Yes sir, it’s just a question we ask of all patients during the admission interview.” Patient-🤔*whispers* “Leisure activities” ….. “I mean, I spend the night over my brothers house sometimes…..” Nurse-🙂”Alrighty.” Patient- 😠*whispers, slightly irritated* “Gon ask me about leisure activities……. … Continue reading Khaos Theory (Day 349)